Cricket Pavilion is a driven and passionate cricketing brand, selling high quality, premium cricket gear, as well as providing quality cricket coaching and cricket bat repairs in Melbourne. Originally born out of Auckland, New Zealand, Cricket Pavilion is now able to provide crickets throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the world with quality cricket gear, from handcrafted premium grade cricket bats, to cricket gloves, cricket pads, cricket bags, and premium cricketing accessories too.

Cricket Coaching In Melbourne

Cricket Pavilion 1-2-1 sessions focus on the specific requirements of an individual player. This can be batting, bowling, wicket-keeping, fielding, or a combination.

No matter what age or skill level, Coel and his team are equally equipped to help people who are looking to develop and shape their game from scratch, to those who want to maximise their cricketing potential and fine tune their technique.

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Cricket Bat Repairs in Melbourne

Cricket bat maintenance is paramount for peak performance. Over time, wear and tear impact bat integrity. Opting for professional cricket bat repairs in Melbourne ensures longevity, sustained quality, and preserves the essence of each stroke. Enhance your cricketing experience by investing in the meticulous care your bat deserves.

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