Who we are

The Cricket Pavilion is a multi-platform business that covers all your cricket needs.

Our job is simple, to bring the handcrafted bat making market of the UK to the Australasian cricketer for the benefit of both player and brand.

As a new cricket label, it's incredibly hard to break into the marketplace with the current giants of today dominating the international scene. Smaller labels simply cant compete with these conglomerates as they fight for the largest piece of the pie.

Here at Cricket Pavilion, we believe that the equipment used on the international scene is an unrealistic representation of whats available to the end consumer. We also believe that if you're spending top dollar on your equipment, then it should last a lot longer than the dried out drift wood we currently see in the hands of our hero's.

Which is why we set out to provide the passionate bat makers of the UK with a platform that allows them to increases their exposure and distribute internationally. All so we can focus on providing great cricket equipment at affordable prices to Aussie and Kiwi cricketers looking to take the next step in their game.

We can get you kitted out for your coming season with the new Hawk stock coming in. We also provide coaching sessions for all playing levels from juniors all the way up to the premier level through our quality qualified coaching staff.

Get you ready for the season ahead, reach out today and start your season right.

  • Cricket coaching

  • Cricket gear

  • Repair and maintenance

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